Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Intellectual Indian

Guys, gals, folks, friends, brothers, sisters and everybody who is Indian, this one is for you all. Actually, the idea of the title comes from ‘the intellectual maharashtrian’- a post, my cousin sister had written long ago. Why only Maharashtrians? Every Indian is intellectual. Right? But the only problem is that, this intellectualism remains of tertiary, mind it not even secondary, importance to everybody.

I recently happened to watch this movie – 2012. Whatever they have shown is indeed a pure work of fiction and the Mayan prophecy has been already trashed. But just imagine, just imagine the DEADLINE IS 12/21/12, then what?

All of you have dreams, passions, goals, et cetera and certainly before dying you want to reach your goals. You can do anything for that, anything for your own good. That’s just one thing which you want to do for YOURSELF. Think a bit selflessly this time. Do it just for a couple of years (3 more- take that as an assumption). It’s a bit difficult to be selfless because I know to what extent we are selfish. Let’s all make India a developed country before 12/21/12. Impossible is nothing (i know ‘impossible’ is the first word which has come to your mind.)

Stop being reserved. Be open, share your knowledge to others. Stop thinking he/she will score more than you. This is applicable everywhere. Why are we so obstinate? So lazy? So obsolete? ‘kaamchorpanti’, why do are we like this? Why can’t every task be perfect? If every task is perfect, India is perfect.

ME- here lies the problem, inside ‘me’. Clean yourselves and turn that ‘me’ into ‘our’.

A lot of us litter on the roads and if you are one of them you are an asshole. These people have made India, a dustbin. Now you will say the municipal bodies don’t provide enough dustbins. Well, all of us have pockets in our pants, skirts (mini-skirts could be an exception. But girls with miniskirts have boyfriends and their pants certainly have pockets). Dump the trash into your pockets. “No no, how can we dump trash in our pockets, it’s gonna spoil our D&G cloth”. And it is just so paradoxical when you dump it on India and at the same time say that you love India.

4 wheelers, 3 wheelers (referring to the reckless autorickshaw drivers), 2 wheelers start obeying the traffic rules. And if you are really illiterate then red light means stop, green light means go, yellow means slow down. Do not halt your vehicles on zebra crossings. Make way for the pedestrians. Pedestrians, please walk on the footpaths. Please, please bloody fuckers follow these simplest traffic rules which you have already been taught in you prep grades.
Our mentality, our perspective should be broader. We have a lot of time for prayers and god. Our country, our personas should be of the topmost priority. We should stop fighting to prove our languages and religions superior. Think how your doing/misdoing can affect the growth/undergrowth of the country.

Politicians, huh! We really can’t do anything about these blowholes. It would be pointless if you ask me the meaning of blowholes. I wish I were one (politician) and could possibly make things right. But still, don’t be corrupt. USE THE NATION’S MONEY FOR NATION ONLY.

Education is provided everywhere. But what kind of education is provided? What’s the use of such education which makes people to think only about them? “i am like this and i am right, everybody else is a fool and fools are turning the country down. Not me. Don’t blame me.” 90% people here think this. At times even i do. We should be vulnerable to good changes. If the other person wants to make something good in us then why not let him do so? Conquer your egos. (Applies to me also.) if any of these words are going to fall on the poor people’s ears then please, a humble request would be to educate your children. They are gonna make the future of this country.

These were the smallest references which I gave. There are a lot of things which you can do. Turn your head 30 degrees and you’ll see 30,000 flaws in our society. We the common people, we know what is right and what is wrong. Let us all be one country and not be some Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Oriya, Tamil, Telgu, et cetera. Let us unite for this one good cause-the development of our country. Let the date 12/20/12 be the date when the whole world looks above and says in aw, “look! That’s India, the country whose people developed it in just a span of 3 years.” Won’t we be proud to hear this? This can be the greatest, greater than your dreams, achievement for everybody. It is difficult, but not impossible. It’s YOU who can make the change. Why just be a common man with big aspirations and great money? Why not be legen-wait for it-dary? :P. We are intelligent. As you might have seen in the movie also, it was an Indian who had discovered the neutron reactions on the sun. So, we, the Indians are awesome, intelligent, bright and fabulous. Okay, i agree that ‘3 years’ sounds a bit gibberish but we can at least start being civilized from the next moment. This should provide some momentum for the development. It’s not that I follow each and everything which is written above, but by writing this I know what are my mistakes and my responsibilities towards my country. Be retrospective. At the end of the day ask yourself one question, “what constructive job did I do today?” Think out of the box. Think in ‘macromode’ and not ‘micromode’. Right now there’s a ‘spark-turning into-ever erupting volcano’ inside me.


Nishant Kuranjekar and Nimisha Chavan, who constantly think in ‘macromode’and who are really sensible. And all those Indian people who litter on roads, don’t follow traffic rules etc (that’s how i was able to think so much).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After a long time I'am thinking again and after a long time i am writting again. Well, a very happy and prosperous new year to all those whom i hadn't wished on the 1st.

This mathematical figure 18 seems to have a lot of importance in everybodys life. Huge figure!. Perhaps i came to know this just now because i recently turned 18. 18 on 17th. Damn! how did I turn that old?

18 years and 5 days of experiencing 'life'. Starting from the day when i was born-

17th January 1991- I never knew why i came into this world. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful face i'd ever seen. No, not the nurse. My mother One of the best birthday gift i'd ever had till date. Then i saw my dad. Very strong as he always is and will always remain. Strong at his principles and discipline. He also has amazing bisceps. Then my very cute and sweet sister. I miss you sis. May be they all were smiling and i was crying. And like all babies i was also cute heheh :P. The photographs tell so. I was a mentally retarded baby (like all babies :P). No sense about sense LOL :D

Slowly and gradually (as it happens factually) i grew. Every 365 days and I used to grow an inch or two taller. And now, after 6210 days, my 11 inch head rests on a 4 feet 8 inch body (slim though) making me 5 feet 7 inches in height. A good height according to me, but it could have been better.

6210 days taught me a hell lot. From being introvert to a lil bit less introvert. Am still a bit introvert. My parents and my sister playing the most important roles in grooming me. Mom and Dad taught me about the goodness of life, the importance of 'life', the importance of existence. They helped me to think selflessly (still, am a bit selfish). My sis, we used to fight like anything, but i loved her and i love her and i miss her (she is out of India) Taught me about basic aesthetics, ethics, ettiquetes. Not to make sound while chewing, Eating with right hand, serving with left hand. Man! they taught me so much. Taught me to think rationally. Taught me the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Taught me discipline and to live a life based upon some ethics and principles. They taught me about culture, taught me not to fear anything.
And this 'senselessly retarded' baby gained some sense. He started thinking and turned into an atheist. :P A disbeliever of idol worship and those foolish prayers. Baby ne kuch zyada hi sochna chalu kar diya tha..:P. My mom will always be sad for all this. But even i couldnt help turning into one. But being a good person by nature is more important. Right mom? If there is a god, then for me, he/they would be my parents, my sister and all my closest friends, from whom i learnt to live, and from whom i've always got support. I'll always have respect for them.

I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you sis, I love you jiju, I love all of my best friends.
Thank you everybody for making me.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Sometimes when I think,
Sometimes when I think,
and life gives me a wink
"why to think about the stink,
the people who sting,
when there's so much (goodness) full to the brim?"

"Why to be oblivious?
Why not be joyous?"
Sometimes when I think,
life gives me a wink.

Poetry ain't in my veins
and grass in brains,
and I ask her,
"You still want me to be joyous,
when the whole world stands treacherous?"

"A positive attitude,
maximum in amplitude.
A beautiful perspective,
showing a future so scintillating.
To hell with the past,
that went so aghast."
Sometimes when I think,
life gives me a wink.

A new aurora in the soul,
A new confidence on the whole.
Changing the bland old
and searching for the lively gold.
Now these are the spirits,
go, demolish the limits.
Sometimes when I think
Life gives me a wink.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Classroom Thoughts

Its 11.50am. Dunno why I always mention time. Our maths lecture is on. And I'm not at all able to concentrate. May be 'coz I'm happy that I received my Icard and now I can easily reserve my ticket for Bhilai or may be 'coz I'm sad, reason being Angelina again. She gives me creeps you see. But then, how am i supposed to sod off that thought. Fuck the thought! Still oblivious, but looking at the blackboard and the lecturer sings monotonous tunes..something like - "coefficient of Q=2...yn=r^n.e^(ax)(sin bx+c+nQ). Whatever the fuck it is! I'll do it when I go back to my room. That would be much better. And i still can't understand why my ears are much more sensitive the wind from that fan. The beautiful sunshine outside, those scintillating dew drops on the green grass which i had seen in the morning.....hey, Am i going to be an engineer?? Yes, certainly. I'm going to be an engineer. But its hard to concentrate. I'll do it in my room, in privacy, alone and isolated. Silence surrounding. I gonna doze off for some time now, probably till lunch break.

Bah! I'm not even able to sleep. Perhaps I'm thinking how much I can think, or perhaps, how long I'm going to write this. Oh yes. I'm going to Bhilai. I'm going home. I'll meet all my old friends. We'll chill out. Mum and Dad will also be happy. The thought makes me happy. I wanna be happy. I'm happy (and so what if i still cannot concentrate :p)

Sod off Angelina!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I've been thinking about writing something on this topic (bah!, my typing speed seems to have decreased). Right from when my relationship with Angelina broke or even before that. Complicated- all of us must be familiar with this melodious song by the gorgeous Avril Lavigne (if not, then i must say you are a dumb head)- Just a little description of the song. (Consequences of analyzing and thinking too much. Can't help it.) The reason why I was not able to write was because I never had too many examples to describe this complicated fact or these complicated human tendencies.

So now, I'm in Pune. Such a big city. Larger scope of getting big examples of much foolish people who make their even more foolish lives too complicated. Even I'm one of them but I'm not that foolish. Pune with its vast expanse of land has some of the most amazingly foolish people.

This human, he has the habit exaggerating things and making them complicated for himself as well as for others.
For example, there's a senior in our college. Looks cool, is taller than me, is healthier than me, wears branded clothes (even I do, that ain't a big deal), speaks English, has a back in two subjects. 'Speaks English' - "i have putted a conversation with her last night". mfg. That was the most horrible sentence may ears had ever listened to.

*the impression what we, the weirdos, get is- this guy is nothing but a show off ass. He shows as if he is a very talented and amazing personality, but turns out to be one of the most amazingly foolish personalities. Okay, I agree that initially everybody makes mistakes while speaking English, but then, why do you have to show that you have great command over English when in reality you cannot even speak a single grammatically correct sentence.

Same case with our professors. The first day our civil engg lecturer asked - "How many of you don't understand English?". Not many people raised their hands. His next rock solid statement was - "Don't worry, there are many people in this college who don't know how to speak English. They just boast about their English. Most of the time they are speaking wrong English." This statement was made by him with such confidence as if he knows every tit-bit of English, as if he is the sole one who knows this language. Ofcourse he said that all in marathi.

"when two bricks will struck with each other give ringing sound" ROFLMAO

"bricks when throw from the height of 1m or so should not break"

after our maths lecture we were bored like hell but still the maths lecturer insisted on giving one more lecture. on this "he founds that two maths lectures will be very boring".

spelling of 'bureau' - BEURO

"have you bring your sheets?"- our practical teacher (civil dept.)

"he is able to visible the room"-our practical teacher (civil dept.)

My point is, if you don't know how to speak it then admit it. By admitting a mistake you not gonna be some loser. Instead by speaking wrong English, you surely gonna be a nincompoop.

Another category of people comprises of those who change their rock solid statements with a time interval of 1 minute. One of my room partner is a legend. One instant he'll say 'Lance Krusner' and the next instant immediately, after realizing his mistake, he'll change it to 'Lance Klusner'.

"nahi maine to kabhi Lance Krusner bola hi nahi tha. maine to Lance Klusner bola tha". Heck man. Admit your mistake. Nothing happens.

Then there are people who do not have their own direction. They'll do what they are asked or told or requested or ordered to do (in short they are either emotionally blackmailed or threatened). Right Angelina? Man should do what he wants and not what that other guy wants (if he sees selfishness and insecurity in that other guy). In other cases, man should be selfless and should be willing to die for many.

Fickle- thats what most of the human beings are. They try to show what they are not and probably end up in showing what they might have been if they hadn't been what they are today.
In doing so their true identity always remains hidden. And yes, people like me, i.e weirdos, start analyzing or rationalizing their intellects. The conclusion- "the human is so fucking fickle".
People love to make a concoction of everything and after that they try to separate out the constituents of that homogeneous solution which leads to the formation of a new heterogeneous conclusions and finally they hang themselves just like colloidal particles...Bah! humbug.

"Be simple, be frank, admit your mistakes, learn something, enjoy life and most importantly do something that goes for the welfare of masses and not just for the good of one. "

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Friendship Day

Well, (ah, the same old question - "how should I start?") today is the so called friendship day. One of the most awaited days for me. And yes it was decided that I'll write something on this day. Something about something or somebody or many bodies. Something about this friendship and not about the usual politics or melodrama or any other shit.

I just happened to read this book by Khaled Hosseini. Its named 'The Kite Runner'. And it has got some astonishingly marvelous comments. A damn good read or rather a great read. Basically deals with the miserable life that the people of Afghanistan are living. Taliban..huh! Leaving Taliban aside the book also tells us the story of two people- Amir and Hassan. Amir, a rich lad (no, not a spoilt one) and his servant cum brother cum best friend. And thats the most touching part of the story -Hassan's loyalty and his selflessness towards his Agha. At times it really made me shed tears. Or yes, if not tears I always had my throat in my mouth and the Adam's Apple in simple harmonic motion.

Inspired by Khaled Hosseini I am also going to write about my best friend. Although I've written many poems and (so called) testimonials for her, I still wanna write about her. It isn't a diary entry but the format will be the same 'coz dates are really important for me.

So it all started with .... what? It just started. To give a date for the start, let's say 3rd May 2007, 5.30pm. She asked for my cell phone number. She was the first girl to ask for my cell number. Okay, I gave it. (And before this cellphone thing, we used to chat on yahoo messenger or orbooks and facekuts or whatever they are.) I had never expected she would send me SMS or anything of that kind. 00919424230606. Never expected, 'coz I was a god damned shy personality and considered her the same. But yes, she did send me an SMS and I replied to her. (hey, nothing special about this, just for the sake of increasing the number of characters in this post :P)

And so, from then onwards we used to have sms chats. For the first time I had been so close to a girl. Hey, I didn't consider her a girl but my friend. My best friend - Sallu/ Shalu. She had the most beautiful hair and the cutest cheeks. I also had the diamond opportunity to pull them :P.
And I used to go zany about the smell or fragrance or essence of that perfume. She had that very very amazing English accent. "Khabun" (carbon) LMAO. Plus she had a great command over that language also. And because of the sweetness in air, I am able to remember so many things about her.

It is, indeed, very difficult to describe a person. I wonder how they manage to write such huge biographies. And it was even more difficult to write those poems.

5th August 2007, the last friendship day. I got a band, a beautiful card and a delicious chocolate. I still have them. Even the wrapper. The last friendship day, yet another day or chance to strengthen the bond (of friendship) between us. Very unfortunately I was never able to put on that band. But when I used to be alone, I used to put it on my white wrists and used to see how amazing the band looked. Or from one perspective, I saw, how great and amazing relation and chemistry we shared with each other. Really was a memorable day for me 'coz the same day had cried so much for not wearing the band. I felt so guilty from inside. Reasons aside.

Anyway, the days were so marvelous for me. Although there used to be some temper inside my head about some or the other thing but in her presence everything seemed to melt. Everything seemed seemless. After our chemistry tuition, sometime with her on the central avenue used to make my whole day. We could share everything with each other. She, always coming up with a solution for my problems and I - creating further more rifts in her problems. Extremely sorry for those problems.

Those very sweet haiiiis and even more sweet byeees. What (oh, i don't have the word for it) days we had. After school, waiting in the stand near my car just to recieve a 'bye' smile from her. And yes the beauty of those, what you say in hindi - lehratey hue baalon ki sundarta. We could talk for hours. Man! I had never talked to any of my closest relative so much. :D. We never ever ran out of topics. Even the most boring topics used to be interesting when we talked.

And what was special? Everything was special about it. The whole relationship was so special. God had given me a gift. The first post of this blog has been commented upon by her. And almost, in every post she was the first one to comment. And I must admit, her comments used to give me momentum. And the inertia still exists. But the relationship doesn't. :)

Take Care Shalu/Sallu
Call this a tribute to you.

Love you Angelina Jolie. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Empty mind is a devil's workshop

Ok, this is a very common saying- Empty mind is a devil's workshop. (it seems I'm gonna start every post with 'OK') You see, vacations are on and I've got literally nothing to do. Absolute nothingness. I'm pissed off. So, as I earlier quoted-Thinking is the greatest power which a man possesses and so I'm trying to gain more of that power. Statutory warning: Overpowering can be dangerous. It applies only to weirdos like me. Beware!!

Thinking, thinking, thinking-this room, it seems I've a predilection for this room. The Oxford dictionary defines it as lavatory. Yes, I'm talking about 'the toilet'.

The toilet- a room consisting of three walls, one roof, one floor (the floor will be described later. Hey I'll describe each and every part of it. I wanna piss off everybody who comes across this post), then, it also has one door (with broken or mended latches, depends whether you're shameless or not), then a ventilator (perhaps, it is for the insects to enter) I hate to censor things. One should be frank.

The three walls- basically tiled walls. Tiles of various colors are available in the market. So what should I do? Hell with it. That's none of nobody's business. (you can see the effects of getting pissed). Heck no. The color is really important. White, light Pink, light Green..... so many colors. So many colors which represent different states of mind at different times. That depends on your way of looking at those beautiful colors. Then, have you ever thought how those tiles are made? No, I dunno. The word that comes to my mind is 'factory'. Thinking about the workers who really work in factories- hey, they must be slogging hard like anything, just to make one tile, just to provide us with that beautiful tile for our beautiful lavatory and if we interpret those colors wrongly, then wouldn't it be injustice to those workers. A Weirdo, I'm. I know that.

Colors- who needs an explanation for this one? ........... contact me. I'll surely contact someone else for the same. Think about every color that surrounds you. Think in a positive manner. Not that, its black so its a devil. We seldom have black colored tiles in the toilet. Now, I'm not going to interpret all the colors of the world.
Enough tiles!!

The roof- ah! A real important part. When I look at the roof, I think about the paint coated on it. I think about the god. And in minutes he starts speaking to me. Basically the conversation between me and him is like a questionnaire. I ask him all sorts of questions. From wars to politics to Bollywood to Hollywood to all sorts of gossip to my family problems, the grievances the triumphs, about life, about everything, about my past, about my relationship. Where I went wrong? What was my fault? Was I always wrong? Will I get that one chance (that's not related to my relationship. Ok?) And yes, he answers all my questions. The conversation with god. Try conversing with god. He'll surely help you out of your problems. Not that, you paste a photograph of him on the roof and start chanting rubbish - 'ram ram krishna krishna'.
"Please god, and not plead him"- K.D.

I don't hink you want me to describe the floor. If you want, then leave your comments in the 'comments box'.

The door- Usually made of wood. The wood that comes from the beautiful trees. How many trees they must have cut to make that one door? The tree of the beautiful nature. The tree, belonging to the mother earth. The tree, made by the god. The tree, where the beautiful and mellifluous birds chirp and sing. The tree, underneath whose shade you had once rested. The tree, which gives us the delicious fruit. The fruit that makes you feel much better. The fruit that gives you energy. The fruit which you get after your deeds. "As you sow so shall you reap."

The ventilator- The ventilator allows your fart to escape. It allows fresh air to come in. It allows light to come in (during the day). The light, a ray of hope you call it. The fresh air, that should make you forget the gloomy things. The bad things get ventilated away and there ti lays a way for the good. Life is like this. If there is bad, there is good also. Bad is for good. After night, there's always a new day, a new beginning (sounds common though). And even if you are in dark (meaning night), watch the stars and the moon. They are sources of light. The number of stars in the sky, the number of opportunities you gonna get. (The number of girls you gonna get. LMAO)

Close the door now you shameless brat!!
I hope I've successfully pissed you off. If not, please tell me. I'll tell you 'little jonny' jokes.
Speaking gibberish indeed.

I miss you so much Angelina Jolie.
I love you so much Angelina Jolie.
I wish, I could talk to you once.